Digital Shareholder Meeting

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Shareholders must provide a valid control number in order to register to attend the meeting. Your control number would be located on the proxy material you received. If you are unable to locate your control number, please contact one of the following in order to obtain your control number to register:

  • Shares held directly with the company: please contact the company’s Investor Relations (IR) department to obtain your control number
  • Shares held in a bank or brokerage account: please contact your bank or broker directly to obtain your control number

Important Note - Please follow the above contact instructions as our virtual meeting provider is unable to provide you with your control number directly and cannot register you without one.

Please ensure that you are entering the control number correctly. If you are prompted to enter the control number a second time, please ensure that the second entry matches the first entry exactly. Please do not use copy and paste for this function as occasional stray characters or spaces can cause a mismatch.

Your virtual meeting may not allow registration past a certain date or time. Please reference the proxy statement and/or registration page for the date and time of the registration cutoff. If the company has instituted a registration cutoff, you will be unable to register beyond that date and time. If no cutoff date and time is present you will have the ability to register through the start of the virtual meeting.

Guests (non-shareholders) are not always invited to attend shareholder meetings. If you do not see a Guest option on the registration landing page, please review the company’s proxy statement to see if guests are invited to attend the meeting. If guests are not invited to attend the meeting, please contact the company’s Investor Relations (IR) department to inquire if they will grant you access.

If you are still having issues registering to attend the virtual meeting, please send an email to and include your name, contact number, which meeting you are attempting to register for and a brief description of the issue and a support technician will contact you within one business day.